BlueMoon Ranch

Alberta, Canada


Currently here on the Ranch, I have three mares in total. 


BlueMoon Meriadoc BrandyBuck
Silver Bay with Chocolate legs
Born in May of 2001
Current Status: Broodmare and Cart Pony

Merry has been my primary mare since I bought her.  She is broke to drive and ride and I've driven her in parades and in the arena pulling kids for a Christmas Light Up.  Merry is an excellent mother and has foaled a beautiful colt last spring.
Merry has foaled a bay filly by the name of Freya.

BlueMoon Peregin Took
Sorrel Tobiano
Born in May of 2001
Sire: Taco
Dam: Red
Current Status: Broodmare

Peppin is a pretty mare and a great mother. She has been great for me as a starter pony and has taught me a lot.  Some training has been done for cart and could be finished though she shows potential.  Even though she is shy at first, it doesn't take her long to get to know you.



  Peppin at the '05 open horse show.

Pony Fillies

Silver Bay
Born June of 2010
Sire: BlueMoon El Diablo Negro
Dam: BlueMoon Meridoc BrandyBuck
Gender: Filly

Freya is a quiet little filly but is very friendly.  She certainly loves getting all those itches scratched!  Once grown, she'll make a love team with Wren.


Chestnut Tobiano
Born April of 2009
Sire: BlueMoon El Diablo Negro
Dam: BlueMoon Peregin Took
Gender: Filly

Charlie is a very unique little filly both colour wise and personality wise.  She's quite a calm and confident one with not only a slight princess streak in her, but she a bit of a troublemaker too!


BlueMoon Wren
Chocolate Bay
Born June of 2008
Sire: BlueMoon El Diablo Negro
Dam: BlueMoon Meridoc BrandyBuck
Gender: Filly

Just like momma, Wren is a girl with a lot of spunk to her!  A curious girl who certainly enjoys getting scratches or coming out for a visit.  Wren shows potential for the obstacle course as well as the trail.


Photos coming soon.


BlueMoon Goliath
Light bay
Clydesdale, QH/Arab cross
Born in September of 2000
Sire: Zephyr Prince Bask
Dam: BlueMeadows Antonia
Current Status: Out to Pasture

Goliath was my first foal and she's grown up wonderfully.  I have been working with Goliath for jumping and she's coming along nicely.  I still love to go out on the trails with her and have a great time.  My Father had put about 3 miles on her to start her, then we went to the mountains trail riding and she did great!  She came back with years of experience in only one trip.





Picture coming soon!

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