BlueMoon Ranch

Alberta, Canada


I currently have four geldings.


BMR El Caballero Negro
A.K.A: Loki
Born April of 2007
Sire: BlueMoon El Diablo Negro
Dam: BlueMoon Meridoc BrandyBuck
Current Status: Undergoing groundwork

Loki is a very personable boy and certainly loves attention.  I've taken him and Chester to visit my retired Uncle (who lives in the city) for a few hours and we drew a bit of a crowd!  Both boys were really calm and never worried about anything - not even the neighbour's large dog.  I have plans to train Loki for the cart and I expect him to turn out to be a superb little cart pony.


Chestnut Tobiano
Shetland Pony cross
Born May of 2007
Sire: BlueMoon El Diablo Negro
Dam: BlueMoon Peregin Took
Current Status: Undergoing groundwork

Chester is another personable boy who just loves getting scratches!  He will even follow around for some time in hopes that you'll give him more attention!  I am currently starting the groundwork for future driving as well as a few in-hand skills.


Brown with Blanket
Appaloosa Mustang cross
Under 14 HH
Born June on 2007
Unknown Parentage
Current Status: Out to Pasture

I bought Theo as a rescue colt from a local livestock auction - he was extremely skinny and very wormy.  Although he was barely halter broke, he was still a curious little colt.  It's taken months of work for him to become friendly to people although he still remains somewhat shy at this time. In the next couple years, I plan to work more with Theo and have his ground work progress to the saddle.


All pictures coming soon!


BlueMoon Captian Navarre
Dapple grey
Percheron, QH/Arab cross.
Born in May of 1999
Sire: Zephyr Prince Bask
Dam: BlueMeadows Flint Blue Steel
Current Status: Trail & Gymkhana horse

Navarre is a wonderful, if not perfect, horse.  I've taken him every where and never had a bad ride.  I've done a few training gymkhanas with him and he has the speed to place high.  His dam was great in gymkhana and his sire has the blood lines for agility.
Navarre is a fantastic beginner horse and everyone who rides him wants to keep him.

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